Our Services

Westech Drilling provides drilling services for a variety of industries and project types including:

‣ Highway infrastructure investigations such as roadway alignment projects, bridges, tie back walls, and landslides.

‣ Mine development projects including plant and tailings facility investigations, groundwater monitoring programs, and exploration/condemnation drilling.

‣ Hydroelectric infrastructure such as dams and run of the river projects.

‣ Alternative energy projects including foundation investigations for wind and solar facilities.

‣ Oil and gas related projects such as plant site and facility foundation investigations, pipeline alignments, pipeline monitoring instrumentation and pipeline      river crossings for HDD design as well as water intake structures.

‣ Construction project drilling for building or plant foundations, retaining walls, piers, rock cuts, vertical or horizontal drains, sewage, or other ponds.

‣ Environmental drilling for contaminated site investigations or remediation systems.

‣ Geothermal drilling for commercial and home heating system including closed and open loop systems.

We provide the following access options to suit your drilling project needs:

‣ 2WD and 4WD Truck Mounted Drill Rigs

‣ Track Mounted Drill Rigs

‣ Skid Mounted, Heli–Portable, Crane Portable and ATV Portable Drill Rigs

‣ Barge platform drilling using our shallow river, self-powered SPUD barge

We provide the following drilling methods, in-situ testing and services:

‣ Solid and Hollow Stem Augering

‣ Air Rotary and Mud Rotary Casing Drilling (3 inch to 6 inch diameter)

‣ Air Rotary and Mud Rotary Open Hole Drilling (2 inch to 8 inch diameter )

‣ NQ3, HQ3 and PQ3 Rock and Soil Coring

‣ Angle and Horizontal Drain Drilling

‣ SPT, DCPT, Shear Vane Tests, Shelby Tube and Pitcher Barrel Samples

‣ Packer Testing – Both Nitrogen and IPI Systems

‣ Cone Penetration Testing (Seismic P Wave and S Wave Testing), Dissipation Tests, SPT Energy/ Calibration and Downhole Seismic Testing

‣ Piezo, GWMW, Slope Indicator, Vibrating Wire, Seismic, Vapor Extraction Wells and other instrument installs.

‣ Water Well and GWMW Decommissioning.

To better serve our expanding client’s needs we also offer specialty trucking and transport services within our Westech Crane and Transport Division.



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